You can import your local address book into a Public Contacts folder, which can be accessed and used like the address book from any Outlook client.

If you do not have any public folders, create one in CONTROL PANEL and grant yourself Publishing Editor access to the folder so you can change items inside. Then, in Outlook, open the new public folder, and create a new folder inside it. Specify that you want this folder to contain Contact items.

Read one of the following Knowledge Base articles for more information:
How to create and manage Shared Contacts in Public Folders on Exchange

The next step is to import your address book:

  1. From the File menu,
    • in Outlook 2003/2007: choose Import and Export
    • in Outlook 2010: choose Open > Import
    • in Outlook 2013: choose Open & Export > Import/Export
  2. Select Import from another program or file.
  3. Select to import from Personal Address Book.
  4. Choose the new public folder containing contact items, and click Next.
  5. On the final screen, you can choose to rearrange the fields that you imported using the Map custom fields button.

To access the contacts, open the new Public Contacts folder and right-click on a contact listing to create a new message or perform other actions.