This section explains how to deploy one chat for all pages in Joomla.

To deploy one chat for all pages:

  1. Navigate to the extension page for the Add custom JS and click the Download button.

  2. Uncompress the zip file.

  3. Log in to your Joomla admin site.

  4. Navigate to Extensions > Manage.

  5. Upload the zip file you downloaded previously.

  6. Click the Install button.

  7. Go to Extensions > Plugins.

  8. Search for System - Add Custom Javascript.

  9. Open the plugin for editing.

  10. In the Custom Javascript File Path option, enter the relative path to your javascript file, for example, 

  11. Enable the plugin.

  12. From the Ordering parameter, choose Order last.

  13. Click the Save & Close button.

  14. Refresh the site and verify that the chat works.