When renaming shared files and folders in ShareSync the following behavior is expected:


A user deletes/renames the shared folder in the desktop client:

This will result in leaving the share. Renamed folder will still be available just for this user. In case of deletion the following warning will appear:


The share request will still be pending for you in ShareSync Web. If you accept the request after renaming the folder, the original folder will re-appear in the ShareSync and the renamed folder will remain as well. 


A user with view permission deletes the folder or file inside the shared folder in desktop client:

The folder/file will be deleted in file system, but since the user cannot modify the content of the shared folder, the deleted items will reappear.


A user renames the file/folder in ShareSync Desktop client while offline:

After the client will be synced, the renamed item will be recognized by ShareSync as a new item.

This means that if someone else edited it in process, there will be two new items created: the one renamed offline and the one edited online.

Note: due to OS file system restriction, offline rename strips the file of its versions. This happens, because the system treats these items as new ones and the old items go to the Deleted section in ShareSync Web and can be recovered.