Q: Do I have to upgrade?

A: Yes, this is the new improved archiving service offered by Smarsh Hosted Services, all customers will be upgraded.

Q: Is there a charge for this upgrade?

A: No

Q: Does this change how I access the Archiving Portal?

A: No. Account contacts will continue to access the archiving portal through the link within CONTROL PANEL. Users can manage their Archives signing in to My Services.  

Q: What are the new enhancements?


Feature Themes New Previous
User Experience
Modern Intuitive UI Y N
Responsive design Y N
In-app rendering of emails & 600+ attachment types Y N
Dynamic / continuous scrolling Y N
WORM Storage Y Y
Legal Hold classification system Y N
Simple and Advanced Search Y Y
Graphical Query builder Y N
Advanced export tracking and management Up to 30K messages Up to 15K messages
Ad-hoc searches Y N
Saved searches Y Y
Asset-level audit trails Y N
Role-based data access Y Y

Q: How do I use these new features?

A: Please visit our Knowledge Base article on Email Archiving: Archiving Control Panel Overview (Migrated) for more information.

 Additional FAQs for Standalone Archiving Customers

Q: How do I know if I am on Standalone Archiving?

A: We will notify you via email. Customers with standalone archiving will be sent an email with specific instructions. Standalone archiving is for customers that are using the archiving service for an on-premise Exchange server, or in conjunction with an email service not sold through Smarsh Hosted Services. 

Q: I am using standalone archiving; are there additional steps I need to take?

A: Yes. You will receive an email that will include these instructions:

After your archiving account is upgraded, you will eventually need to update your Journaling rules to point to the new archiving portal. Read our Knowledge Base articles for instructions according to your Exchange server version:

No data will be lost before making this change because we will be performing a daily sync from the old to new accounts.
Note: no actions are needed for Google Apps users. Email Archiving process isn't affected by this migration to the new platform.

Q: Does this change how the users access the Archiving Portal?

If you have users accessing the archiving portal URL directly and not going through CONTROL PANEL or MyServices, they will need to use a new URL and will need to follow this link on the login page to reset their password on first login. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Manage My Archive? (Migrated) for more information.