This article describes Email Archiving move types for different accounts. 

To start the process, contact our Sales team or your Account Manager to create new account, if necessary, and choose the plan. Then they will create a request with our Onboarding team who will perform the move.

Move types:

  1. Email Archiving to Standalone Email Archiving
  2. Standalone Archiving to Email Archiving
  3. Email Archiving to Email Archiving
  4. Email Archiving to Office365 Email Archiving

Email Archiving To Standalone Email Archiving

Mailboxes are no longer hosted with Smarsh Hosted Services, but you want to keep the Archiving. In this scenario, the Archive you have with Smarsh Hosted Services can be kept even when the mailboxes will be hosted with another provider.

Standalone Archiving To Email Archiving

Standalone Archiving can be configured if you have the mailboxes hosted with another provider, but want to archive the emails with Smarsh Hosted Services.

Archiving move in this scenario is used if you decide to migrate the mailboxes to Smarsh Hosted Services and keep the Archive you already have. Archived data from Standalone Archiving will be migrated and users' messages will continue to arrive into the Archive.

Email Archiving To Email Archiving

Migration of the Archive from one account with Smarsh Hosted Services to another.

Email Archiving To Office365 Email Archiving

Migration of the Archive from Smarsh Hosted Services to Office 365. In this scenario, mailboxes are migrated to Office 365, but the archive with Smarsh Hosted Services is kept. New emails send/received after the migration will be also copied in Smarsh Hosted Services archive.