Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery. We strongly recommend creating an SPF record to ensure that recipients recognize forged messages sent using your domain. 

Note: in most cases there must be only one record per domain, and it must be published as a TXT resource record only.

Smarsh Hosted Services Mail Server Only

If you use only Smarsh Hosted Services mail (SMTP) servers to send mail from your domain the SPF record for your domain name should look this way:, TXT, "v=spf1 ~all"

No action is required if your domain Name Servers point to Smarsh Hosted Services, and you do not send emails from servers other than $companyName’s. To comply with this standard and ensure successful delivery of mail sent by Smarsh Hosted Services customers, SPF records have been created for each domain that has been added to Smarsh Hosted Services DNS servers.

Important: there are two types of the SPF qualifiers:

  • ~all = If the SPF check fails, the result is a soft failure. The SPF failure will be documented in the headers, but the email will be accepted.
  • -all = If the SPF check fails, the result is a hard failure. The SPF test will be successfull only if the source Email Server fits the SPF entry, if not the email will be rejected.

Smarsh Hosted Services Mail Server Plus Another Mail Server

If you use Smarsh Hosted Services mail (SMTP) servers to send mail from your domain and you have another mail server that sends messages from your domain your SPF record should look this way:, TXT, "v=spf1 A:my_smtp_server_name ~all" 

OR, TXT, "v=spf1 MX:your_mx_server_name ~all" 

OR, TXT, "v=spf1 ip4:your_smtp_server_IP ~all"

To change SPF record contact your DNS hosting provider.

Important: you may want to check SPF record syntax by using  SPF checker tool.

Note: some DNS hosting providers (such as Amazon DNS Hosting) require users to set up SPF records of two types (TXT and SPF), instead of publishing only TXT type record. In this case the SPF record should look this way:, TXT, "v=spf1 ~all", SPF, "v=spf1 ~all"

If a domain has records of both types, they must have identical content. For more details, check RFC4408. We recommend to check the setup with your DNS hosting provider.