All supported and Auto-Provisioned devices have the ability to enable Call Pickup, Busy Monitoring, and Dialing Out, (normally defined as BLF/BusyLamp Field) from any other user extension already established in CONTROL PANEL, and this is easily configurable from the Line Keys tab in the device settings.

There are three options for Line Key configuration:

  • Call or place calls on behalf of another User
    • Provides a means of making phone calls on behalf of another User, in addition to displaying their name and current call status.

  • Call or monitor phone status
    • Allows actively ringing calls on another User's phone to be answered remotely, in addition to displaying their name and current call status

  • Create alias of a configured button
    • Alias keys provide extra line capacity for the User of this phone.

How to add a new Line Key:

Adding a Call Presence to line key can be achieved quickly through CONTROL PANEL:

  1. Once logged into CONTROL PANEL, click Voice Services , then click on the devices tab on the left, then click on the name of the device you wish to add a line key to, in the list.

  2. Click the Action link next to the Line Key you wish to edit.

  3. Select the Action you wish to use for the Line Key configuration,
  4. Add the User from the drop down or by entering text in the field to search for the user.
  5. The users name will be applied to the Line Display field by default, you can edit this in any way you see fit, within standard Alpha-Numeric rules (no special characters ,./?'")
  6. Click Save Changes; you will be returned to the Line Keys tab and see the User/Extension that is assigned to that button.

How to remove a Line Key:

To delete a Line Key configuration from a device:

  1. In the Line Keys tab of the device, you will see an X located to the right of the Button option you added; click the X.

  2. You will be prompted with a confirmation to delete the Line Key configuration; confirm by clicking Delete.
  3. The Line Key linked option will turn back to Action indicating there is no line key configured.