This article describes how to change Office Apps license type:

Note: it is not possible to have Office Apps and Office Apps ProPlus licenses assigned to one user at the same time.

Change license in CONTROL PANEL

In order to change licenses, you need to login to CONTROL PANEL with your administrator's credentials and navigate to Services > Smarsh Hosted Services Office Apps > Users.

Control Panel

1. To unassign the licenses

  1. Go to the Users section > select users 
  2. Click Unassign licenses from selected... button
  3. Choose Office Apps > click Save changes button

Control Panel

Note: end-user data should not be lost on the license unassignment unless the period is less than 30 days. After 30 days unassigned end-user account is deleted. If no licenses are assigned, Office will have reduced functionality and most features will be disabled.

2. To assign the licenses

  1. Go to the Users section > select users 
  2. click Assign licenses for selected button
  3. Choose Office Apps ProPlus > click Save changes button

Control Panel

Updating Office desktop clients

  • Office 2016

Open Office Apps 2016, go to File > Account > click Update Options > Update now

Office Apps 

Office will download updates and complete the conversion in the background.  

  • Office 2013

It is recommended to uninstall the old version of Office 2013 first through the Control Panel and then install the Office Apps 2016 ProPlus version. Uninstalling Office doesn't delete your Office documents. Click here for additional information on how to uninstall Office from a PC.

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