Cisco cordless power and battery issues:

  1. The battery goes dead on the handset after a full charge
    •  It is normal for it to show a dead battery if the phone crashed or the batteries were recently taken out, it should show the correct battery status after a minute.
    •  If the battery dies <1 hour from a full charge, the battery has failed.
      Note: Phones under heavy use will last ~2-4 hours on average, 4-6 hours under light use, up to 9 hours on stand by.
    • Advise the customer to charge the batteries until they're completely full before using them -- this is critical to prevent the same problem from persisting.
  2. Handset is crashing
    • If the Cisco cordless handset falls to a white screen and then the handset resets this is a separate issue from the handset failing to a black screen. Failing to a black screen indicates a legitimate power issue. Failing to white screen/resetting is the result of a firmware issue and NOT a power problem.
    • Important: handsets on outdated firmware will crash if the base unit is on v1.3.3 (if the base unit is on the new v1.3.6 the handset f/w needs to be updated to 2.81)!
  3. A/C adapter mismatch
    •  The Polycom IP550 power adapter can fit into the cradle and base/transmitter, so confirm the adapter doesn't say 'Polycom' on it. These A/C adapters are rated at different voltages/amperages and mismatching them can cause irreparable damage to the hardware.
    • The correct power adapter for the charging cradle is rated at the output: 5V, 1A. It should have a little tag on the cable with a warning that says For use with Cisco SPA300 series devices only.
    • The correct power adapter for the DECT base unit is rated at the output: 5V, 2A.
  4. Charging cradle issues
    • The contacts in the charging cradle may be having issues.  If the customer has to cock the phone in a specific angle to get it to charge then something is wrong with the charging cradle.
    • The charging light should remain ON when the Cordless handset is engaged with the cradle's conductive contacts. The charging light should not flash off and on intermittently.
      Note: If the handset charges fine on another charging cradle, replace the cradle, if the handset doesn't charge properly on all cradles, replace the handset.
    • Try plugging the phone cradles into a different, known working power source and charge them for 10 hours on a different cradle than they used before.  Replacement cradles are no longer available. Discuss replacing the phone with another model.
  5. Customer replaced the batteries with standard AAA batteries or another rechargeable battery
    • 1.2 V AAA Ni-MH 800 mA HR11/45 1.2V orange and green batteries are the ones we send our customers. Make sure that the batteries meet those specifications.
      Important: do not ask the customer to replace the stock batteries with 3rd-party batteries. If the customer unknowingly purchases a battery that isn’t compatible, it can potentially cause more damage. 

If a cordless phone is being shipped back to Smarsh Hosted Services tell the customer to remove the batteries from the cordless phone and include them with the phone in the return shipment. It's a Federal safety requirement that the batteries be removed from the phone before they're shipped.