If the User quarantine option is selected by Account Administrator, end-users will receive the Quarantine Report emails.

Important:  There are no Quarantine Reports generated for Admin Quarantine. Admins will need to manually check Admin Quarantine area if suspect that some emails were quarantined.

When a message is quarantined, it remains quarantined for 30 days and then is automatically purged. 

There are three types of quarantine reports:

Daily Quarantine Report

By default users receive the Daily Quarantine Report if they have got any quarantined emails within the last 24 hours. If no other option is selected, these reports are generated between 01:00 and 03:00 AM server time. Frequency and timeframe of quarantine reports can be modified by Account Administrator and by end-users if they are given a permission to do so.

This reports will allow the users to do the following:

  • ViewWill allow you to preview a quarantined message
  • AllowWill release this individual email and deliver it to your Inbox

Weekly Quarantine Summary

The default Weekly Quarantine Report frequency is one per week on Monday and it is typically delivered between 01:00 and 03:00 AM server time. Account Adminstrator can select which day of the week the quarantined email summary is delivered to end-users and manage the delivery frequency by choosing between weekly or monthly delivery. End-users can modify it too if they are given a permission to do so.

Click here to view instructions on adjusting the delivery of quarantine reports.

Quarantine Reports and Summaries for Distribution Lists

Email Protection generates separate Quarantine Reports and Summaries for distribution lists which are usually sent to all of their members. All members can manage the Distribution List's Quarantine Area via Quarantine Reports and Summaries for the Distribution List.

It is possible to disable the Quarantine Reports and Summaries for distribution lists. To disable the reports for Distribution Lists, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to CONTROL PANEL as admin
  2. Navigate to Services > Email Protection > Email management > User quarantine takeover
  3. Enter the email address of the Distribution List > click on the email address to access the settings
  4. Switch to the Settings tab  > click on Disable to disable Quarantine Email reports/summaries.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Email Protection: Quarantine Management In CONTROL PANEL for more information.


  • Each type of Quarantine Reports contains a link to user Quarantine Area
  • the link to user Quarantine Area from daily reports expires after 30 days
  • the link to user Quarantine Area from weekly reports expires after 7 days
  • server time depends on your Exchange domain.
    EXCH082 - Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    EXCH083 - East coast - Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    EXCH083 - West coast - Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    EXCH580 - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    Other Exchange domains - Pacific Standard Time ( PST)