Important: do not create users within Office 365 Portal to avoid synchronization issues with CONTROL PANEL.

The article describes user's options in Microsoft Online portal. The user may access the portal from using his Office Apps login and password. The following is available for each Office Apps user:

  • Personal info: user's information contains first and last name, country (US) and user's unique identifier. A user cannot manage this information and it does not sync with CONTROL PANEL.
  • Subscriptions: this page displays the licenses currently assigned to a user.
  • Security & privacy: a user can change Office Apps password.
  • Install status: a user can manage PC and Mac installs. For example, unassign licenses from particular machines. 

    To download desktop applications, click install desktop applications link.
  • Settings: a user can change his Microsoft Online page theme, language and download the software.

Online portal also allows to send a Feedback to Microsoft, access Help articles, join Microsoft Community, view Legal documents and Privacy Notice.