Account Contact corresponds to login credentials for accessing CONTROL PANEL. Contacts are assigned one or more roles, which determine what sections of CONTROL PANEL they have access to, as well as the technical support options available to that contact.

A shared account contact is a contact that manages several accounts. If you already have another Smarsh Hosted Services account, you may want to use the same login for managing both of them. To do this, log into CONTROL PANEL > Account > Account Contacts > Create Account Contact > Add contact used on another account.

You will be prompted to type in the login that already exists on your account. Then, click on Check login button to verify that the correct account contact will be added. If the system fails to identify your login as an existing one, the following error will come up:

If there are no errors, the actual account contact name will show up. Make sure that the name you see there is the one you are trying to add.

After that, you can assign roles to this account contact. Refer to our Knowledge Base article Account Contacts and Contact Roles for more details.

Note: No password is required to add a contact already registered on another account. You can use Forgot Password option on the login page for password reset.

Note: The account contact can access several accounts. Therefore, changing of general information is available only for the contacts themselves. The option is available via any account where it is shared.

In addition, account administrators cannot view Security information (Alternative email, Cell phone) and Security questions for shared account contacts. They cannot lock shared contacts either.