Q: How do I know how many phone lines are enough for me?

  • If you have an account with us already, please contact your sales representative. New customers can speak with a sales representative who will address your business needs regarding the amount of phone lines and phones required for your business.

Q: Can I order an additional phones and phone numbers as my business grows?

  • Yes. Each phone comes programed with its own direct dial number. You can also order phone numbers not attached to hardware for added flexibility!

Q: May I order just the Hosted Phone Service now, and add additional features later?

  • You are welcome to place an order for hardware and lines of service, then add onto that at a later time.

Q: May I add/cancel local or remote market numbers?

  • You may order up to 5 additional local or remote market numbers for a modest monthly price. You may also cancel them anytime you wish.

Q: May I add/cancel toll-free numbers?

  • You may order as many toll-free numbers as you wish. You may also cancel them as you wish.

Q: May I add/change/cancel Directory Listings?

  • You may order up to 5 Directory Listings, for a modest monthly price, and a one-time activation fee. You may also cancel them as you wish.