Current ShareSync version introduces new approach to decommissioning (deleting) users.


Decommissioned users cannot log in to ShareSync


  • All folders shared with Decommissioned user will be unshared with him/her (permissions will be deleted)
  • All folders shared by Decommissioned user are not deleted, Decommissioned user retains Owner permissions
  • Administrator can share Decommissioned user's folders with Co-Owner permissions with other users

File management

  • Administrator can manage Decommissioned end-user file space
  • Administrator can create, share, leave share, delete, permanently delete, restore folders in end-user file space
  • Administrator can download, upload, delete, permanently delete, restore files in end-user file space
  • If Administrator re-enables ShareSync for the Decommissioned user, user gets access to his/her files back

Read the Knowledge Base article on ShareSync: Admin File Management for more information.