Current ShareSync version introduces new approach to decommissioning (deleting) users.

In this case, the decommissioned user is considered to be the user for whom the ShareSync service has been disabled. ShareSync can be disabled as the particular service or when the user is disabled or deleted completely from the account by Account Administrator. . In all cases, this user counts as the Deleted user under Admin File Management.

Deleted users


Decommissioned users cannot log in to ShareSync


  • All folders shared with Decommissioned user will be unshared with him/her (permissions will be deleted)
  • All folders shared by Decommissioned user are not deleted, Decommissioned user retains Owner permissions
  • Administrator can share Decommissioned user's folders with Co-Owner permissions with other users

File management

  • Administrator can manage Decommissioned end-user file space
  • Administrator can create, share, leave a share, delete, permanently delete, restore folders in end-user file space
  • Administrator can download, upload, delete, permanently delete, restore files in end-user file space
  • If Administrator re-enables ShareSync for the Decommissioned user, the user gets access to his/her files back
  • If Administrator re-creates deleted user and re-enables ShareSync, data will not be re-associated.

Read the Knowledge Base article on ShareSync: Admin File Management for more information.