ShareSync® is a cloud service provided by Smarsh Hosted Services that allows you to sync files between multiple computers, ShareSync Web portal and mobile devices. You may also securely share them with your co-workers and external collaborators.

To get started with ShareSync:

  1. Activate ShareSync for users and manage ShareSync storage. Read the Knowledge Base article ShareSync: User & Storage Management for more information.
  2. Download ShareSync application for your version of OS. You can download them from CONTROL PANEL > Services > ShareSync > Downloads or CONTROL PANEL > Home > Downloads.
    • ShareSync application for Windows is also available  here 
    • ShareSync application for Mac is also available   here 
  3. Follow instructions and install the application on your computer.
    If you have Windows OS click here. For Mac OS X click here.

Review the following articles to get started with ShareSync:

  1. ShareSync: General FAQ
  2. ShareSync: Windows Client Installation
  3. ShareSync: Mac Client Installation
  4. Managing ShareSync Settings 
  5. ShareSync: Data Security And Privacy
  6. ShareSync: Admin File Management
  7. ShareSync Web Client: Overview
  8. ShareSync: Activity Feed
  9. ShareSync: Sharing Links
  10. ShareSync: Internal Permission-Based Sharing
  11. ShareSync: Collaboration Notifications
  12. ShareSync: Versioning
  13. ShareSync: File Locking & Conflict Management
  14. ShareSync: Max File Size
  15. ShareSync: Restore Deleted Files
  16. ShareSync: File Preview In The Web App
  17. ShareSync: Decomissioning Users
  18. ShareSync: Office Plugin
  19. ShareSync: Co-Authoring In The Office Plugin
  20. ShareSync: Outlook Plugin
  21. ShareSync: Mobile Apps
  22. ShareSync: File Server Sync
  23. ShareSync: Windows Desktop Client Troubleshooting
  24. ShareSync: Mac Desktop Client Troubleshooting
  25. Search In ShareSync
  26. ShareSync: Unlink Account
  27. ShareSync: Audit Log
  28. ShareSync: Selective Sync
  29. ShareSync: Change Folder Location
  30. ShareSync: Mass Client Deployment
  31. ShareSync: Desktop Sync FAQ
  32. ShareSync: Known Issues

Additional documentation: