ShareSync Outlook plugin allows you to replace message attachments with web links pointing to files in ShareSync.

Enabling Outlook plugin

To enable Outlook Plugin, right-click on ShareSync icon in System Tray and choose Enable Microsoft Outlook plugin.

Enable Outlook plugin

Restart Outlook client:

Restart Outlook

Using Outlook plugin

  1. ShareSync Desktop client must be running.
  2. When composing a message, click ShareSync icon in the ribbon and choose Select Files.
  3. Choose a file from your desktop.
  4. ShareSync automatically uploads it to the server and outs a link to a file to the top of the message.
  5. When recipients click on a file, files will be immediately downloaded from ShareSync Web.
    Send Links 

Configuring Outlook plugin

  1. In Outlook click on ShareSync icon in the ribbon to open Settings.
  2. Here you can configure automatic files replacement, password protection and notification prompt.