Below you will find brief description of security level ShareSync offers:

  • Each connection from desktop, web, and mobile apps is authorized and authenticated. Each desktop, web, and mobile app uses token authorization, ensuring secure transmission of user credentials and secure access to ShareSync files.
  • Single Sign-On saves you from having to manage multiple passwords. Use your Smarsh Hosted Services Email address and password to log into ShareSync. What Is My Username And Primary Email Address For My Exchange Mailbox?
  • Your data is fully isolated from other users' data.
  • All of your data is encrypted in TRANSIT using 112-256-bit SSL/HTTPS encryption (depending on the browser and OS version)
  • Each file is encrypted using industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption AT REST on Smarsh Hosted Services cloud. Unique encryption key is used to encrypt data for each customer account, ensuring full isolation of data owned by each customer.