Note: When configuring 15- or 32-button Consoles, phone firmware must be version 7.5.5 or newer.

To connect your Cisco Side Car Attendant Console to Hosted PBX you need to do the following:

  1. Obtain the IP address of your phone
    • Press the Setup button (this button looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner).
    • In the Setup menu, navigate to Status. Scroll to Network Status and press select to view the IP address of the phone.
  2. On your computer, open a Web browser and type the phone's IP address in the browser's address bar. You will see the web interface for configuring your phone.
  3. Open SIP tab.
  4. Set CTI Enable to yes.
  5. Switch to Att Console tab.
  6. Set Unit 1 Enable to yes and Server Type to Asterisk.
  7. Configure Speed Dial buttons.
  8. Click Submit All Changes.

Configuring Speed Dial buttons

To configure Speed Dial buttons use below as an example:

Unit 1 Key 1: fnc=sd+blf+cp;;nme=102

  1. Replace with your Hosted PBX server IP address. To find out the IP address, go to CONTROL PANEL > Users > click on a Dsiplay Name of a user > switch to Hosted PBX and do the following:
  2. Replace 102 with user's extension.

Note: for the Cisco 525G2 phone, when using the 15 or 32 button sidecar the phone requires firmware version 7.5.5.