1. Why can't I see all my folders when accessing my mailbox via OWA

This issue may be caused by one of the following:

  • The “Blind and low vision experience” option is enabled in Outlook Web Access (OWA). To find out if this is the cause:
    1. Log in to OWA and click Options.
    2. If you see Accessibility listed among the options in the left pane, click it. 
    3. Clear the checkbox for the Blind and low vision experience option and click Save.
    4. Log out of OWA. When you log in again, you should see all your folders.
  • You are using a browser other than Internet Explorer. To discover if this is a browser compatibility issue, check your browser type and try using Internet Explorer instead.

2. Resource Mailboxes not shown in Scheduling Assistant

Scheduling assistant doesn't show resource mailboxes in OWA.

Workaround: use Outlook to view Rersource Mailboxes in Scheduling Assistant

3. Publishing calendar doesn't work

Since publishing calendar relies entirely on OWA for the URL, there is currently no workaround.

4. Time zone discrepancy in shared calendar opened via Outlook Web Access


Consider the following scenario:

  1. Another user shares a calendar folder with you (gives you only partial access to the specific folder).
    Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Share (Let Others See) My Outlook Folders? for instructions.
  2. The user's mailbox is set to a time zone other than Pacific.
  3. You open the shared calendar folder in Outlook Web Access.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Open A Shared Folder In Outlook Web Access? for instructions.
  4. The shared calendar appears in the Pacific time zone in OWA, so all appointments have an incorrect timestamp.


When you open a calendar that is shared with your mailbox in OWA, you only have permissions for viewing the calendar, and not any other mailbox information. You do not have sufficient permissions for the mailbox to actually read any time zone information set on the other mailbox. This is why it defaults to the server time, which is -0800 or Pacific. Microsoft engineers have tested this behavior and confirmed the results.


5. Why can't I see distribution lists in my GAL when I use OWA 2007?

Users sometimes cannot see distribution lists in their Global Address List in Outlook Web Access (OWA) if they are using the "Company" field as a filter, because distribution lists don't have that field.

To display the entire Global Address List in OWA 2007:

1. Click the "Address Book" icon.
2. Put a space in the "Display Name" field.
3. Click the "Find" button.

6. 'Too many invalid login attempts' error on Outlook Web Access login page

The Outlook Web Access login page (https://cp.serverdata.net/Portal/ADUser/Login) is designed to lock the user account if too many unsuccessful login attempts are made. The limit is 5 attempts in a 3-minute period. This is only temporary, and the lock is released after 3 minutes.

7. Opening the Address Book (either via the icon or pressing on To, CC or BCC) does not work in Google Chrome 37 or later.

This is a known issue caused by the fact that Chrome no longer supports modal dialogs with the release of version 37. Microsoft developers are aware of the issue, and they are working towards a fix which will be rolled out with Exchange Server updates.