Mail Apps are available only in messages and appointments and are meant to show information or actions contextual to that message or appointment. Mail Apps are designed to work the same across platforms, so what works in Outlook 2013 will work in Outlook Web App (OWA) 2013 and on mobile devices.

Mail Apps require Exchange 2013 and Outlook or OWA 2013. Mail Apps are not available via an Outlook 2013 client that is connected to an Exchange 2010 server. Likewise, Mail Apps will not be available on an Outlook 2010 client which is connected to an Exchange 2013 server either.

How to install new Mail Apps

  1. Mail apps can be added from either OWA or Outlook 2013.  If you try to add a Mail App in Outlook 2013 it will open a browser window and ask you to log in to OWA.  When Apps are installed in one place, they are usable in the other, i.e. if you install it in OWA, it will also be available in Outlook 2013.  The reverse is also true.
  2. Log in to Webmail, click Settings icon and select Options:

  3. From the Options menu click Apps. You will see the Mail Apps that are already installed and their management options.  To add a new App from the Microsoft Office Store click the plus sing (+).

  4. Select an App and click the Add button that is right next to the cost. 

  5. You will see a pop-up that has further information about the App. Confirm that you want to install it:

  6. Now you can see it in the list of Apps.