RingScape steals the keyboard and mouse control/attention when an incoming call is received.

Applies to Mac OS X 10.9.1 Maverics only error: No compatible version of Java 1.5+ is available.

RingScape stuck "Connecting" after loggin in or not showing the status of the phones.

RingScape doesn't allow an underscore when entering the eAgent URL.

Install Error "A portion of the folder path '' is invalid."

eAgent pop-up works but it requires the user to login again every time a new call comes in and a new pop-up occurs.

Phone must be power cycled after install to get click-to-call or drag-to-call to work.

Dialing issue: "Error - Local network address for phone is unavailable."

RingScape For Outlook Plugin Error: When using drag-to-dial or dialing a number within RingScape for Outlook, an error pops up that says the program was unable to communicate with the phone and/or says 'unsupported phone type'.

Using Drag-to-Call in the standalone RingScape program (not RingScape for Outlook) still doesn't work even after powercycling a phone.

Favourites List columns can be rearranged, but this is causing errors.