This article describes the Hosted PBX service options that you can manage in My Services.

Log in to My Services and navigate to the section Voice & Fax.

  • Configure: This page provides all necessary settings for all kinds of setup.

  • Voice Mail & PIN: Here you can reset the PIN to your Voice Mail, specify the email address for it and upload custom voice mail greeting.

  • Find me, Follow me: Set up the phone numbers to which an incoming call will be transferred in case you do not answer it on the main number.  

  • Devices: This page displays your devices, their IDs and passwords. You can add new devices here.

  • Hunt Groups: You can log in to, and log out of, the Hunt groups on this page.

  • Call History: You can view all of your calls or, filter them by several parameters to find some specific calls.

  • Click-to-Call: Here, you can select the device that receives the Click-to-Call calls.

  • Conference Bridges: If Conference Bridges are installed on your account, this page displays its settings.