You can use PC Backup with Server license to back up files from a Network drive. Please read the Knowledge Base article on The difference between Desktop and Server licenses for more information.

  1. To enable PC Backup for a user with Server license, navigate to CONTROL PANEL > Services > PC Backup, click Display Name of a user, then click Add new machine on Edit selected user page and select Server type of license:

  2. Download, install and activate PC Backup for this license. You can find the information in the "Getting Started" email.
  3. Navigate to Settings in PC Backup and click File System Tab.
  4. Right-click on Computer and click Add network share:

  5. Mount (or connect to) the drive using your credentials:

  6. Now you can back up files from the Network drive.

Note: If you want to back up files to a Network drive, read the Knowledge Base article on How To Back Up Files To A Network Drive Using PC Backup to find the instructions.