In My Services, you can find all the information you will need to use the PC Backup service; including the desktop client download, instructions, and the backed up files.

Log into My Services and navigate to Collaboration & File Management > PC Backup.

  • If the service is not enabled you will see the Request button. Click Request and confirm, on the pop-up page, that you want to use this service. 
    When you request the service its status is Pending and when it is approved you will only see the PC Backup button.

  • When the service is enabled you will only see PC Backup link. Click PC Backup to manage your backups and restores:
    • On this page you can find the links to download the client. Use the License key provided here to set it up. The instructions for Windows and Mac are available on Downloads & Instructions page.
    • When your license is activated you will see the Computer Name and the time when you last backed up the files.
    • Use Restores button to access online and download the files that have already been backed up.

    • When you click Restores you will see the page with your computers and the characteristics of PC Backup running on them.
      • If you click the Computer Name it will show you the list of previous restores along with the properties:

      • If you click Restore Files it will lead you to your files:

      • If you select Browse you will be able to navigate in the folders structure and look for the file you need:
      • When you find the file you can easily download it: