You can set up Find Me, Follow Me for a user to forward unanswered calls to another numbers. You can set this up for individual users in CONTROL PANEL, or you can give users permission to change their own settings in My Services (read the Knowledge Base articles Setting user permissions for phone settings and How do I view or change my personal phone settings? for more information).

If a call has not been answered, it rings on the Find Me, Follow Me numbers. If the call is not answered on that numbers, it is redirected to voice mail.

You can also set up forwarding to another user's extension. In this case the forwarded call will follow the other user's rules and will not be redirected back to the first user's voice mail.

To set up Find Me, Follow Me for a user:

  1. Navigate to Services > Manage users > Hosted PBX tab. In the list of users, click the display name of the user you want to set this up for.
    Alternatively, you can first click on the display name, then switch to the Hosted PBX tab.
  2. On the Edit Selected User > Hosted PBX page, locate the Find Me, Follow Me field, and click the status (Not set up or Edit).
  3. In the Find Me, Follow Me box, select ringing mode (One by one or Simultaneously), enter the phone numbers to forward unanswered calls to.

    Note: This will not ring set up device IDs, after time our it will only ring specifed numbers either one by one or simultaneously.

  4. Make sure the checkboxes are selected next to the phone numbers, set the Timeouts, set the ringing order by clicking up and down arrows. Please note that you cannot move the extension forwarding order, it can only be the last rule.

  5. Click Save Changes.

 To turn off Find Me, Follow Me:

  1. Follow steps 1 - 3 above.
  2. Clear the checkbox next to phone numbers.
  3. Click Save Changes.
    Calls will not be forwarded to this number. However, this will preserve the number for future use so you can turn it on again later.

Using a mobile phone for calls vs. forwarding

You can optionally configure a mobile device to work as an additional phone for a user via Hosted PBX. In this case, incoming calls ring to both the office extension (IP phone) and the registered mobile phone simultaneously. If you have configured a mobile phone this way, you do not need to use it for Find Me, Follow Me service (though you still may set a different phone number for Find Me, Follow Me). Read the Knowledge Base article Configuring cell phones or wireless devices for Hosted PBX for more information.