You can view and manage existing users on the Users page in CONTROL PANEL. The Users page lists the existing users and services enabled for each user. You can also work with users and service settings if you click the Settings button under the respective service.

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User Types

The icon next to the user's display name shows the type of user.

  • No icon - regular user. The user does not have any specific properties set. The user is active, but can be removed; user settings can be changed; services can be enabled or disabled for this user (See Example User in the screenshot above.)
  • sp- SharePoint Owner. Once SharePoint is installed, all users can access the site, but only one user is the SharePoint Owner. This user cannot be removed. (See SharePoint Administrator in the screenshot above.)
  • dis- Disabled mailbox. When a mailbox is disabled, the user cannot log in to the mailbox until it is enabled by the administrator. (See Former Employee in the screenshot above.)

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Managing user settings

You can set and manage user attributes and disable or enable services for individual users if you click on a user's display name. There are three blocks of settings you can edit for each user.

  • General User settings. These are settings common for all users. Click on a setting to change it.
    General Settings
  • Basic services. Use this area to enable basic services for the user. Once enabled, settings related to each service can be adjusted in this area. See the description of services in the Managing services section of this article.
  • Optional services. Use this area to enable optional services for the user. Once enabled, settings related to each service can be adjusted in this area. See the description of services in the Managing services section of this article.
    Basic and Optional services

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Deleting users

To delete users, select the boxes next to users you would like to remove and click Delete Selected Users button. On the next page you will see the list of users you are going to delete and the services that will be disabled once users are deleted. Click Confirm to proceed with deletion.

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Managing services

You can enable or disable services for selected users by clicking the appropriate tabs. Once services for users are set, click the Proceed button. On the next page, you will see the list of users and services you are going to enable. Click Confirm to proceed with deletion.

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Using the Action menu

On each tab other than the Overview tab, there is an Action menu available. When you click Action, you get a list of common actions you can perform for the corresponding user, depending on which services are enabled. To view the full list of actions, click the down arrow at the bottom of the menu.


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Editing Multiple Mailboxes

To edit multiple mailboxes navigate to CONTROL PANEL > Services > Mailboxes > click Edit Multiple Mailboxes.


Select the necessary mailboxes by checking the boxes and clicking Select. You can manage the following settings:

  • General Properties (Password, Phones, Addresses, etc...)
  • Email Addresses (manage aliases, change UPN, etc...)
  • Delivery Options (forwarding, access option)
  • Distribution Lists
  • Advanced Properties


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