The contact list in Office Communicator can contain the following types of contacts:

  • Account OCS users. To enable OCS service for a user, navigate to CONTROL PANEL > Services > OCS 2007. Check the box in the OCS column next to the required user and click Proceed.
  • Federated contacts. To establish OCS federation with another organization, please contact Technical Support and submit the appropriate request.

Populating the OCS contact list

There are two ways to add OCS users to the contact list: manually and automatically.

  1. Manually add a contact. In Office Communicator, open the menu, then choose Tools > Add a Contact. Use this option to add contacts of federated users. Manually-added contacts are saved in the contact list on the local computer and do not synchronize with the server-side contact list.

  2. Auto-populate the OCS contact list. Contact Technical Support and submit the appropriate request to populate the OCS contact list so that it includes all OCS users from your Exchange account. Please note that federated contacts are not added to the contact list using this service. Federated users must be added manually.

Adding contacts to groups

Users are grouped in Office Communicator according to the Department they belong to. You can edit the Department property for a user in CONTROL PANEL in the general user settings. 

To change the department that a user belongs to, navigate to CONTROL PANEL > Users. Click the name of the user. On the next page, click the user's display name to edit the Department field.

Managing the OCS contact list

OCS users can edit their own contact lists. Changes to the contact list are saved locally on the user computer and do not synchronize with the server-side contact list. This means that if a user changes the contact list and then configures Office Communicator on a different computer, the default contact list will be loaded and the user will need to make the same changes again.