If the user is receiving the Login or password is incorrect error, it usually indicates connectivity issues which don't allow the user to authenticate.

Web client

  1. Check that ShareSync service is enabled in CONTROL PANEL
  2. Check that the desktop application is not blocked by your firewall. The following URLs must be allowed:
    • sync.myonlinedata.net
    • auth.sync.myonlinedata.net
    • kms.sync.myonlinedata.net
    • auth1.myonlinedata.net
    • auth2.myonlinedata.net
    • auth3.myonlinedata.net
  3. If User Primary Email has been recently changed, the propagation for ShareSync login could take up to 24 hours. Meanwhile, the user should use the old login.

Desktop clients

  1. Check that ShareSync service is enabled in CONTROL PANEL
  2. Check whether you can log in to the Web App. If you cannot, troubleshoot connectivity issue as described above
  3. If you can, make sure that the latest ShareSync version is installed
  4. If it isn't, update the client to the latest version
  5. Check in Control Panel, that device limit is not exceeded for the user