WebFax Number allows:

  •  to receive and manage faxes via the web and
  • send faxes
  • receiving notifications of new faxes via email or a wireless device
  • to automatically recieve an attached PDF of the fax with your notifications
  • view and print faxes
  • forward faxes to any email address or fax machine
  • send any document to one or more fax machines.

Supported Operating Platforms

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
    • Older Versions of Windows OS are not supported by the WebFax Application because they do not natively support TLS 1.2, which is required for security purposes.
  1. Login to your CONTROL PANEL > Services > Voice Services> Numbers & Extensions Tab
  2. Login to Webfax:
  3. Under faxes tab you will see the list of received faxes for the last 265 days. You can forward, download, delete, move to saved.
  4. Under Sent Fax Log you can check the status of sent faxes:
    sent fax log
  5. In order to set up your email notifications navigate to Personal Info Tab > Notification
  6. You can check your fax history under Personal Info > Call History
    call history
  7. You can create lists under Group Manager tab in order to send fax messages simultaneously to group of recipients
    group manager
  8. Enter the Group name, add participants  and save changes
    New group
  9. In order to send faxes directly from your PC install Fax Upload application, that can be found under Tools tab


Length Limitation On Incoming Faxes Length Unlimited
Page Limit On General Fax Storage 1024 Pages
 Time Limit On Saved Faxes 90 Days
Page Limit For Outgoing Faxes 200 Pages