This article provides an overview of the best options for migrating data from POP/IMAP hosting to Smarsh Hosted Services. Choose the option that is appropriate for your situation and follow the corresponding instructions.


Using IMAP export tool
If your server supports IMAP connection our Onboarding team can pull the data for you. Read the Knowledge Base article on Requirements For IMAP Export Tool for more information about migrating mail items. To migrate Calendars and Contacts, select one of the options below.

Using Export/Import options in Outlook
If you have the profile in Outlook configured for your POP/IMAP mailbox you may export all data to a PST file and import it in a new Exchange profile. Read the Knowledge Base articles on How To Export Data In Outlook and on How To Import Data To Outlook for more information.

Important note: You may already have a ready PST file of the POP/IMAP mailbox. Depending on your Outlook version, navigate to:

  • Outlook 2003/2007: Tools > Account Settings
  • Outlook 2010/2013: File > Account Settigs.

Click the tab Data Files. There you may see the POP/IMAP mailbox PST file. Highlight the file and click Open folder. Now that you have located the file, you can proceed with creating an Exchange profile and importing it into it.

Using additional profile in Outlook
You can set up an Outlook profile for your Exchange mailbox and then add your POP/IMAP email account in it as an additional one. Read the knowledge Base article on How to add Internet e-mail account to existing Exchange profile for the instructions.
Then you will see both mailboxes one under another on the left-hand side panel. You can drag and drop or copy and paste all items you need now.

Using Outlook Backup Tool
You can export the POP/IMAP mailbox data to a PST file using Outlook and then upload this file to Outlook Backup tool in CONTROL PANEL. Once the PST file is uploaded, you can assign it to your mailbox and restore to it. This way the data will appear on the server in your Exchange Mailbox.
Read the Knowledge Base article on Overview Of Outlook Backup for more information about this tool.

 Quick Instructions on Export and Import in Outlook

Note: Users might need to recreate or back-up and restore their client-side rules, signatures, and visual settings. Both client- and server-side rules will not be copied automatically. Read the Knowledge Base articles on How do I back up Outlook rules?, on How do I back up Outlook user settings? and on How do I back up Outlook signatures? for more information.