With Mail for Exchange, you can access the e-mail, calendar, contacts (address book), and tasks of your Microsoft® Exchange account on your Nokia mobile device.

The basic steps in using Mail for Exchange are:

  1. Install and start Mail for Exchange on your mobile device. The installation file may come with your mobile device or you may download the latest version at http://businesssoftware.nokia.com/mail_for_exchange_downloads.php. If you are not sure how to proceed with software installation, please refer to the device User Guide. Smarsh Hosted Services doesn't provide support on this software installation.

    Note that you should not use any other method, such as Nokia PC Suite, to sync contacts, calendar entries, or tasks after installing and using Mail for Exchange on your device. Simultaneous use of other methods may cause data loss, duplication, or corruption. Also, note that the correct Mail for Exchange installation file depends on your device model. If you try to install a file that is not compatible with your device, you will receive the following error message:
    The Mail for Exchange software you are trying to install is not compatible with this device. Check for a compatible version at www.businesssoftware.nokia.com
  2. Create a synchronization profile that controls what and when you synchronize.

To create a synchronization profile:

  1. Start Mail for Exchange on your Nokia mobile device.
  2. Create a new synchronization profile:
    • When you start Mail for Exchange for the first time, you are prompted to create a profile. Select Yes for this prompt.

    • If you do not get the prompt, navigate to Options > Create Profile to access the profile creation menu.
  3. Select the Connection option.

  4. Enter the following information in the corresponding fields:

    • Exchange Server: You can find the server address in CONTROL PANEL or My Services under Services > MS Exchange Server > ActiveSync.
    • Secure Connection: Select Yes.
    • Access Point: For information about your access point, contact your wireless carrier.
    • Sync while roaming: Select your preference for this option.
    • Use default port: Ensure that port 443 is used.
  5. Select the Credentials option. When you configure the device for Exchange, use the settings that are shown in CONTROL PANEL or My Services underServices > ActiveSync.

    • Username: Enter your Exchange mailbox username.
    • Password: Enter your mailbox password.
    • Domain: Enter your Exchange domain.
  6. Select Sync Content to configure what folders to synchronize and what to do in case of conflicts during synchronization.

  7. Select the Sync Schedule option to configure a synchronization schedule.

  8. Save the profile.

The synchronization will start according to the sync schedule you configured. To synchronize manually, navigate to Options > Synchronize.

Please note that Smarsh Hosted Services doesn't provide support for the Mail for Exchange application. You may find troubleshooting information in Nokia Mail for Exchange documentation or contact your wireless carrier.