VersaMail is an application for email synchronization that can be installed on Palm OS devices. VersaMail has a built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync module for wireless synchronization of your messages, contacts and calendar.

To set up VersaMail:

  1. Make sure that ActiveSync service is activated for the user. You may activate it in CONTROL PANEL > Wireless Email > ActiveSync (for Exchange 2003 customers) or in CONTROL PANEL > Services on the Activesync tab (for Exchange customers). Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I activate ActiveSync service for a user? for instructions.
  2. On the phone, go to Applications and select VersaMail.
  3. Open the Account Setup screen:

  4. Open the menus. Select Accounts, then Account Setup > New.

  5. Enter the basic account information.
    1. In the Account Name field, enter a descriptive name.
    2. Select the Mail Service list, and then select Exchange ActiveSync.
    3. Select Next.
  6. When you manually configure the device for Exchange, use the settings that can be found in CONTROL PANEL or My Services under Services > MS Exchange Server > ActiveSync.
    • Username: Enter it in the format domain\username.
    • Select the Password box, enter your email account password, and then select OK. Select Next.
    • Email address: Make sure to enter your Primary email address.
    • Server: Enter the Server Name.
  7. Select Next.

  8. Select Advancedto verify that you have the following settings (these are the default settings):
    • Port Number: Should be set to 443.
    • Use Secure Connection (SSL): This box should be checked.
  9. Finish setup. Select Done to finish setup and go to the Inbox of the account you set up, where you can begin receiving and sending email.

When you set up an Exchange ActiveSync account, push for email, calendar, and contact information begins automatically.

Important note: We do not support the VersaMail application since it is running on non-Windows Mobile devices. If you have any questions on VersaMail setup details or ActiveSync functionality in VersaMail, you may find useful information in the documents listed below or contact your wireless carrier or Palm support.

User Guide for the VersaMail Application
Treo 650 Smartphone User Guide for VersaMail Application
Knowledge Base article on I get the error 'HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized' when I sync VersaMail