DirectoryLink is a tool used for getting a list of Active Directory users from your on-premise Active Directory and synchronizing it to Smarsh Hosted Services Active Directory. It allows you to update user properties with the information gathered from your Active Directory.


    • synchronization is one-way only and all user properties will be overwritten by the values from your in-house Active Directory.
    • DirectoryLink overwrites the UPN and Primary email address of the mailbox if your on-premise user UPN is in the email address format and its domain is registered under the Domain Names section of CONTROL PANEL.
    • Passwords synchronization occurs only during the password reset operation. As a result, any existing user passwords that were set prior to installation of the DirectoryLink service will not be synchronized. Please instruct your users to reset their passwords after DirectoryLink service installation. If some of your passwords are not being synchronized, please make sure that DirectoryLink service is deployed on all domain controllers in the forest with the same DirectoryLink user name and password on all domain controllers.

Installation steps:

Step 1: Download DirectoryLink installation package.

Step 2: Check the domain controller requirements.

Step 3: DirectoryLink installation.

Step 4: After installation.

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ATTENTION: This guide is meant for Exchange customers only, however with the release of the new voice services platform, this will also allow for a Unified login for the desktop and mobile applications. It does NOT have any relation to the Corporate Directory feature of those platforms. That option is completely separate from the intentions of this page.