Important: Do not uninstall the Encrypted Message application if you want to have access to old encrypted messages.

Encrypted Message certificates are associated with a specific email address. This means that you cannot change your email address without first disabling Encrypted Message for your mailbox.

If the UPN has been changed and mailbox has been reconfigured on different machine, content of previously encrypted messages can not be viewed without installing the certificate of Encrypted Message for original email address.

To proper import the certificate and get access to encrypted messages on different machine, follow these steps:

  1. Before changing the UPN in CONTROL PANEL, export your Secure ID from Tools & Settings > ID & Password Tools > Backup / Export Secure ID to a PFX file > type in your Secure ID password and specify location and file name.
  2. Disable Encrypted Message in Services > Mailboxes > uncheck the box in the Secure Mail column for the user > click Proceed.
  3. Change the UPN for the user under Users > click on user's Display Name. Click on the current email address > type the new email address > click Add > move the Primary Address (UPN) radio button > click Save Changes.
  4. Enable Encrypted Message in Services > Mailboxes > uncheck the box in the Secure Mail column for the user > click Proceed
  5. Configure the Outlook profile with the new UPN and activate the Encrypted Messages per following   instructions
  6. Install the exported certificate from Step 1 on the new machine:
    1. Locate the exported certificate and launch Certificate Import Wizard by double-clicking the certificate.
    2. Select Current User for Store Location and click Next.
    3. Specify the path to the file you want to import and click Next.
    4. Enter your Secure ID password and click Next.
      Install certificate 1
    5. Select Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate and click Next to proceed.
    6. Click Finish to complete the import.
      Install certificate 2

After these steps, upon accessing the Sent items, it will be possible to view the content of encrypted messages.

Note: Once you deactivate Encrypted Message, you will ONLY be able to decrypt and view previously encrypted messages on your current computer. If Encrypted Message is re-activated on the same machine but with the new UPN, it is not necessary export and re-install certificates as this is perfromed during the initial installation of Encrypted Message