The Event Log allows you to view and monitor the activities performed via your administrative control panel. 

You can access the Event Log by navigating to Account > Audit Log in the administrative control panel.

Event Log

To search for particular records, specify search item, set the Date Range and click the Search button. 


The Audit Log Basic Search shows the following filters: 

  • Date: the date and time when the action took place (shown in Pacific Standard Time).
  • Login: the user who triggered the event.
  • Action: description of the action performed on the affected item (Create, Modify, Delete, etc.).
  • Item: the type of item or service that was changed
  • Affected: the specific item that was changed
  • Description: The exact parameters that were changed when the event occurred, or an error message.


  • Action filter saves all activities that occurred on out account. You will be able to select the accounts that occurred from the drop-down.
  • Item filter saves details on the type of items of service that were modified. You will be able to select the item that was modified from the drop-down.
  • Login saves information on Account Contacts who were applying some changes on the account. You can use the auto-suggest feature by typing first two letter of the Account Contact login address.

To narrow down your search results you can use Advanced Search option.

Advanced search

Under Advanced Search option you can use the following filters:

  • Description: you can specify the search term
  • Actions:
    • Create,
    • Install,
    • Modify,
    • Send Notification,
    • Uninstall
  • Item: the type of items of service
  • Login: type in the login for an Account Contact
  • Errors only: select that check box if you to display errors only


  • Items in red indicate errors that have occurred. These can denote a variety of different errors (temporary errors that were resolved almost immediately, user errors, system errors, browser errors, etc.) and most likely have not caused issues with your account. If you do believe there is an issue with your account, please contact your admin.
  • If you have more than a total of 25 records to display, a button appears at the bottom of the log allowing you to see the next 25 records. You can also select how many events are displayed on the page (10, 25, 50 or 100).
  • To export the entire log, click the Export to CSV File button at the bottom of the screen. If you are exporting a large log, it may take a few minutes to generate the file and download it.