Account Contact corresponds to login credentials for accessing CONTROL PANEL. Contacts are assigned one or more roles, which determine what sections of CONTROL PANEL they have access to, as well as the technical support options available to that contact.

To manage the account contacts, login to CONTROL PANEL and navigate to Account > Account Contacts.

Note: you can access Account Contacts section only if you have Contact Manager role.


Contact types

There are two types of Account Contacts:

  • Owner: contact is created when the account is set up. This contact always has all roles assigned to it. To delete this contact, ownership must be changed first.
  • Standard: contacts are created via CONTROL PANEL and can be assigned different role.

Contact settings

To access the settings, click the contact's display name. Each contact includes the following settings:

General information

 - contact information such as name, phone, email address and password to log in to CONTROL PANEL.


Note: alternate Email Address field is used to receive email notifications about server maintenance or global issues that may affect your account. This email address cannot be used as a login to CONTROL PANEL.

Security Questions

- each account contact has 3 security questions. Questions can be selected from the dropdown. When an account contact calls Smarsh Hosted Services Support, our representative will ask you to provide an answer to one of the security questions.

security questions


- standard contacts can be assigned one or more of the following roles. If you have Organizational Units on your account, you can have Account Contact only manage specific OU.

  • Contact Manager: this role allows modifying contact details and resetting passwords for themselves and others using CONTROL PANEL (Account > Account Contacts). This role can be assigned in combination with any of the other roles to allow someone to administer the contacts on your account.
  • Billing Manager: this role gives access to all the items under Account in CONTROL PANEL EXCEPT managing other Account Contacts. Access includes plan and pricing details.
  • Security Manager: this role gives access to security-related options, such as Password Policies, IP-Based Access and Event Log, and the ability to manage other Account Contacts.
  • Technical Administrator: this role gives the contact access to all areas of the CONTROL PANEL EXCEPT those under Account. You can select some services that will be available for Technical Administrator to manage and restrict access to other services.


Note: to delete users, administrator should have Technical Administrator role assigned with access to Exchange as well as other services enabled for particular users.


- settings for notifications that are sent to an account contact.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Account Contact Notifications for more information.

Note: any change made to Account Contact settings (including notification preferences) except Name and Job Title fields will result in email notification being sent to account contacts email address if Security notifications are enabled for this Account contact.