This article explains how to configure a custom application with ConnectID that requires an additional step in logging in.

The scenario is the following:

  • Step 1 - Login ID is required and the next button needs to be clicked.
  • Step 2 - After clicking Next the Password field is present and then you would need to click Log In.

By default, ConnectID is not able to auto login this kind of Apps. To configure this type of application needs to be configured manually.

Set up a custom application for ConnectID

  1. In CONTROL PANEL navigate to Services > ConnectID > Applications >  click Add custom application button. Read the Knowledge Base on Intermedia ConnectID: Adding Custom Applications for more information.
  2. Obtain the Username Sector. To obtain the selectors in Google Chome right-click the Login field > Inspect. Chrome will highlight the correct element automatically. Once the entry is highlighted Copy > Copy Selector.

    Note: you would need to copy selector for password and for the Login button. Follow steps above to obtain the Password Selector.
  3. In CONTROL PANEL navigate to Services > ConnectID > Applications > select the application > navigate to Authentication.
  4. Paste the Login ID selector into the Authentication setting on the App > Save changes button.
  5. Click Add field, choose a password for the next step and paste Password Selector into field > click Add step option.
  6. Remove Button and Password options from the Step 1.
  7. Add Button to the Step 2 and paste Field Css selector for Password and Button.
  8. Test to verify if the application works correctly.