To install ShareSync for Windows:

Note: installation requires Administrative privileges. For information on mass deployment of the product in your organization refer to ShareSync: Mass Client Deployment.

  1. Download ShareSync application for Windows. You can download it from CONTROL PANEL > Services > ShareSync > Resources. ShareSync application for Windows is also available here.
  2. Run the previously downloaded file
  3. Accept the License Service Agreement
  4. Wait for the installation to complete
    Complete the installation
  5. Log in with the ShareSync credentials

    Note: If you see the following 2FA prompt, this means that two-factor authentication is enabled for you by the administrator:
    2fa Read the knowledge base article on How To Use Two-Factor Authentication To Access $unite or ShareSync for more information

  6. Select the device type: Corporate device or Personal device
  7. Choose the ShareSync location
  8. Select folders to synchronize to ShareSync.
    Select folders

Note: when External users logs into new Desktop App, they would have no ability to select Device category, the Device would be automatically marked as 'Personal'. Click here for more details about the difference between device types.

Note: in order to pin the ShareSync folder to Quick access in Windows 10, right-click it and click Pin to Quick access:

Pin to Quick Access