Lync Desktop and Mobile clients (for iOS, Android and Windows Phone) can be set up with user's email address and mailbox password only (without the need to enter Internal and External Discovery URLs).

   1. To enable server auto-detect feature you can either add CNAME records to your domain:



Note: the correct records for your account can be found on the Home > Exchange servers and settings page. Autodiscover record is also shown on this page. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Is An Autodiscover Record And Why Do I Need It? for more information.

   2. Or you can add the _sip._tls. SRV record:

Type Host Priority Weight Port Lync server
SRV 0 0 5061

Note: the correct settings can be found under  CONTROL PANEL > Services > Domain Name > Click on your domain name > click Display DNS records > click Show System Records.
Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Add SRV Record To Your Domain for more information about SRV record syntax.

Once the above records are in place, users with primary email address [] can set up Lync using the following settings:

  • Sign-in Address: primary email address of the mailbox
  • Password: mailbox password
  • User Name: primary email address of the mailbox
  • Auto-Detect Server: ON

To set up Lync Mobile manually with entering Internal and External Discovery URLs refer to the following articles: