To manage or view your accounts Email Protection settings, navigate to CONTROL PANEL > Services > Email Protection:

Email Protection

Note: for End-User Email Protection Guide please refer to this article.

Email Protection uses multi-layer spam and anti-virus filtering engines that, besides checking against Real-time Blackhole Lists, relies on a sophisticated analysis of message headers and text to determine the potential legitimacy of an email.

When a message meets a spam threshold, the filter can route such a message to the Junk Email folder, User Quarantine, Admin Quarantine, it can deliver the message to the Inbox folder with the tags [SPAM] or permanently delete the message depending on the options enabled. If the sender is on the safe list (Safe Senders) either for the account or for the individual mailbox, spam checks will not be performed for the message to secure the delivery of them. Spam threshold can also be modified in the Email Protection settings.

Email protection provides additional options for anti-phishing and anti-spoofing filtering using multiple settings for routing the phishing messages to Quarantine, Junk, Inbox folder with the tag [POSSIBLE PHISHING] or by permanently deleting it.

Note: if you are unable to locate some messages, it is possible that they have failed the basic connection checks. Please contact Support or submit a Message Tracking request to find out why the messages were not delivered.

Three levels of Email Protection are available:

What Are Basic Connection Checks?

The following checks are called basic and are always performed:

  • Check against RBLs (Real-time Blackhole Lists) provided by CloudMark, Spamhaus and
  • Check for a valid fully-qualified sender's (FROM) email address
  • Check for a valid domain in the FROM address (check for a valid A or MX record)
  • Check for valid recipient addresses within your organization

If an email message does not pass one of these checks, it is not accepted by the mail servers for delivery to recipients.

Email Protection Lite:

 Email Protection Lite allows you to manage the settings for:

Email Protection:

With Email Protection, you have the same basic features as in Email Protection Lite plus:

Email Protection + DLP:

With Email Protection + DLP, you also have the ability to manage the outbound policies for messages sent out from your domain:

Note: To change the package of Email Protection (Upgrade or Downgrade) navigate to Services>Email Protection>Package Management. For additional information refer to article Email Protection: Package Management