Where can the deleted files be found?

Deleted files, if synchronized to the cloud, can be accessed from the Web App. Read the Knowledge Base article on ShareSync: Restore Deleted Files for more information.

Deleted files can also be restored by ShareSync Admin even if the user was deleted. Read the Knowledge Base article on ShareSync: Admin File Management for more information.

Windows app only: Desktop application does not delete files locally when they are no longer on server - instead it moves it to Windows recycle bin.

How can a user investigate the issue?

In order for the user to find all events related to the missing folder or file, they need to perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to ShareSync Web App
  2. Navigate to the Activity Feed tab
  3. Filter the events by date and type and/or enter the file / folder name to the Search field:
    Activity Feed

How can an administrator investigate the issue?

To find out who deleted the data, admin can review Audit Log in CONTROL PANEL. Read the Knowledge Base article on ShareSync: Audit Log for more information.

Events can be filtered by event type (for example, Delete events), date range and file/folder name:

Find events in the Audit Log