To check client version, perform the following steps:


  • If the application is started, ShareSync icon is in the tray, and login prompt is not visible, right-click ShareSync tray icon > Settings (gear icon) > Help tab:
    Get Windows version
  • If the application cannot be started or ShareSync login prompt is visible and prevents accessing the tray:
    1. locate ShareSync shortcut on the desktop, right-click it to open context menu and click Open file location
    2. in the new explorer window, right-click the ShareSyncTray icon > Properties > Details tab:
      Get Windows version from shortcut


  1. Navigate to the Applications folder
  2. CTRL+click ShareSync application
  3. Click Get Info

Get Mac version

Note: all updates for ShareSync desktop applications both for Windows (version 2.06+) and Mac (version 2.10+) clients are automatic. Read the Knowledge Base article on ShareSync: Updating Desktop Clients to learn more about automatic and manual updates.