Yes, you should be able to use Exchange Direct Push on your handheld. All necessary options to support Exchange Direct Push Technology are activated on our Exchange servers. If you have a Windows Mobile 5.0 device with Messaging & Security Feature Pack (MSFP) installed, the only thing you need to do on your side to get Exchange Direct Push feature working is to configure your handheld to synchronize with the Exchange server via ActiveSync. Exchange ActiveSync uses an encrypted HTTPS connection established and maintained between the device and the server to push new e-mail messages, schedules, contact information, and tasks to the device. Synchronization is much faster with enhanced data compression translating to a faster experience when sending and receiving messages.

To configure your handheld:

1. Go to either CONTROL PANEL > Get Started > Advanced Settings or My Services > Get Started > Advanced Settings to obtain ActiveSync settings to access the Exchange server from the handheld.

2. Enable Microsoft Direct Push under the Comm Manager as shown below:


Note: Exchange Direct Push can only work over a cellular data connection. WiFi or any other connection type cannot support HTTPS push.